Jagorta 'Ketel' Szilagy

Groundskeeper of Manse Winguric


Slight of build and weather beaten, Jagorta looks like a farmer somewhere in his 40s. He sports rough cut hair a few inches in length, and is perpetually dressed in tooled leathers. He often keeps his trusty three-legged ghoul hound Jagorta at his side, along with his board spear, long knife, and hunting bow.


A Tzimisce of Manse Winguric. Once a Bratovitch of Szilagy, Ketel spent nearly a century as a ghoul before being embraced by Joska to settle a debt. Rough around the edges, but handy in a pinch, he chooses to spend his nights in the company of his hounds rather than the undead. His low humanity score keeps him from feeling properly at ease amongst the mortals, and his low standing at the manse keeps him from living comfortably amongst the undead.

Jagorta 'Ketel' Szilagy

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